NCAA Female Athletic Directors' Reported Barriers, Pathways, and Mentoring

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Virginia Tech


This study utilized a nationwide survey of collegiate female athletic directors in the three NCAA divisions to ask about their perceptions about organizational barriers, pathways, and mentorship. The following research questions guided the thesis, with a feminist Standpoint Theory focus: (1) What are some of the organizational barriers that keep women from becoming ADs? (2)What are some of the pathways that women take to become an AD? (3)What are the roles of mentoring in advancing through collegiate athletic administration? The 93 respondents provided responses suggesting that women seeking leadership positions are still outsiders within athletic administrations. They still have to push through the glass ceiling and maneuver through the old boys' club in order to have success. Women are the outsiders within the athletic director role and are working together through mentoring to gain access to the position.



female athletic directors, mentorship, Leadership, barriers, pathways