Power Supply Switch Circuit for Intermittent Energy Harvesting

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Energy harvesters generate power only when ambient energy is available, and power loss is significant when the harvester does not produce energy and its power management circuit is still turned on. This paper proposes a new high-efficiency power management circuit for intermittent vibration energy harvesting. The proposed circuit is unique in terms of autonomous power supply switch between harvester and storage device (battery), as well as self-start and control of the operation mode (between active and sleep modes). The self-start controller saves power during an inactive period and the impedance matching concept enables maximum power transfer to the storage device. The proposed circuit is prototyped and tested with an intermittent vibration energy harvester. Test results found that the daily energy consumption of the proposed circuit is smaller than that of the resistive matching circuit: 0.75 J less in sleep mode and 0.04 J less in active mode with self-start.



low power management circuit, piezoelectric energy harvester, wind turbine blade, health monitoring, wireless sensor


Jung, H.J.; Nezami, S.; Lee, S. Power Supply Switch Circuit for Intermittent Energy Harvesting. Electronics 2019, 8, 1446.