Analysis of the Out-of-Control Falling Leaf Motion using a Rotational Axis Coordinate System

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Virginia Tech


The realm of aircraft flight dynamics analysis reaches from local static stability to global dynamic behavior. It includes aircraft performance issues as well as structural concerns. In the particular aspect of dynamic motions of an aircraft and how we understand them, an alternate coordinate system will be introduced that will lend insight and simplification into the understanding of these dynamic motions. The main contribution of this coordinate system is that one can easily visualize how the instantaneous velocity vector relates to the instantaneous rotation vector, the angular rate vector of the aircraft. The out-of-control motion known as the Falling Leaf will be considered under the light of this new coordinate system. This motion is not well understood and can lead to loss of the aircraft and crew. Design guidelines will be presented to predict amplitude and frequency of the Falling Leaf.

NOTE: (12/2009) An updated copy of this ETD was added after there were patron reports of problems with the file.



coordinate transformation, coordinate system, nonlinear flight dynamics