Management information system infrastructure for a proposed highway management system for the Virginia Department of Transportation

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this work was to develop an infrastructure for a Management Information System concurrent with the development of a System Dynamics model for VDOT’s Highway Management System and the Interface between the two. Specifics include identifying the detailed source for each parameter or developing recommendations for future data collections. The MIS is to be in both a hard (paper) and a soft (paperless) format. The soft copy will be based on the hypertext format and be Windows compatible.

Parameters to be researched were identified from the model simulation code and causal diagrams. These were then grouped into common themes and/or sources, assigned a target date for research, and discussed with key personnel at VDOT with regards to their validity within the model and from a data collection stand-point. Those parameters identified as not obtainable, due to gaps within VDOT’s database system were then estimated using engineering judgment in conjunction with key personnel at VDOT. Obtainable data was gathered from VDOT’s databases and annual reports as well as other sources. Key VDOT personnel then reviewed all gathered data for its soundness. Researched parameters were then written-up with any assumptions, definitions, and sources outlined along with the current value based on the 1995 data.

Although VDOT’s databases were effective in obtaining data for the majority of the parameters, gaps exist within the system, which required significant input from key personnel for recommended data collection. VDOT’s personnel proved to be the most valuable asset in data compilation.

Of particular note is the need for statistical analysis of the data in the form of control charts to determine the relative validity of each value within the parameter’s distribution.