Interaction and Intervention a case study: 1019 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Virginia

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Virginia Tech


It is a favorite canon of preservation architects that soon 95% of work will deal with an existing construct in some manner. Reasons for this include the public's affinity toward old and historic buildings, and the utter lack of undeveloped sites in urban areas. This thesis is directed toward creating a methodology in which to define the intervention and interaction between new to existing. The general attitude toward history and existing buildings is quite divisive. Typically architects demolish existing buildings or they attempt to preserve every detail and facet of a "historical" building. The National Historic Trust, apart of the Department of Interior, provides loose guidelines with which to guide an intervention or to otherwise treat a "historic" edifice. Carlo Scarpa is one architect who has finely honed the ability to interact and intervene.



Adaptive Reuse, Historic Preservation, Interventio