Focused Ultrasound Extraction (FUSE) for Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) DNA Extraction

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Virginia Tech


Formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue is the most abundant, accessible, and versatile tissue sample type available for genetic research and clinical applications. However, FFPE DNA extraction presents unique challenges and requires lengthy incubation periods, which can be impractical for certain applications. Here, we propose the use of focused ultrasound extraction (FUSE) technology for improved DNA extraction from FFPE tissue. FUSE generates a dense bubble cloud of acoustic cavitation capable of ablating tissue into an acellular lysate. FUSE treatment was applied to de-paraffinized porcine pancreas FFPE scrolls, followed by heated incubation for formaldehyde-induced DNA-protein crosslink reversal. When applied for 30 minutes, FUSE was found to successfully extract DNA from FFPE tissue as defined by increased DNA yield and improved purity ratios compared to conventional methods. DNA extracted via FUSE showed comparable fragmentation to conventional methods, and three out of four samples successfully amplified via PCR, indicating suitability for downstream analysis. These findings suggest that FUSE has the potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of DNA extraction from FFPE tissue. Further development and optimization of this protocol could develop a streamlined, easy to use extraction method that would simplify FFPE DNA extraction methods and address the primary time constraints which currently make FFPE DNA extraction time-consuming and impracticable for high-throughput applications.



Focused Ultrasound, DNA, DNA Extraction, FFPE