Power system analysis suite for Windows

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Virginia Tech


The ability to analyze a power system is essential to power system engineers and planners. The Bus program, a Microsoft Windows-based program, helps users make these analyses. Unlike other power system analysis programs, the Bus program performs three different types of analyses (short circuit, load flow, and state estimation) and offers users a graphical interface on which to enter their system and data. This thesis presents the Bus program and discusses various aspects of it, focusing on the load flow and state estimation routines, which were the main thrust of the project. Each of these routines was written by setting up a flowchart and defining the calculations to be carried out. Vehicles were then developed so that users can enter system data and view the results of the calculations. The ability to do this graphically is one of the main features of the program. Several test cases are presented to demonstrate the program's operation, and a User's Manual is included to show users how to operate the program.



load flow, state estimation