Receiver Implementations for a CDMA Cellular System


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Virginia Tech


The communications industry is experiencing an explosion in the demand for personal communications services (PCS). Several digital technologies have been proposed to replace overburdened analog systems. One system that has gained increasing popularity in North America is a 1.25 MHz Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) system (IS-95). In CDMA systems, multiple access interference limits the capacity of any system using conventional single user correlation or matched filter receivers. Previous research has shown that multiuser detection receivers that employ interference cancellation techniques can significantly improve the capacity of a CDMA system. This thesis studies two such structures: the successive interference cancellation scheme and the parallel interference cancellation scheme. These multiuser receivers are integrated into an IS-95 compatible receiver model which is simulated in software. This thesis develops simulation software that simulates IS-95 with conventional and multiuser receivers in multipath channels and when near-far conditions exist. Simulation results present the robustness of multiuser receivers to near-far in a practical system. In addition to multiuser implemenations, quantization effects from finite bit analog to digital converters (ADC) in CDMA systems will also be simulated.



multiuser receiver, CDMA, interference cancellation, quantization