Formation of a bath - Geological processes in Architecture


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Virginia Tech


Geological processes define every place on earth. They tell us their story of formation, of shaping events that have long passed and about current conditions that continue to form the place. Each place therefore reveals its historical events and points towards its future.

Man manipulates these processes and often ends the dialog between the past and the future.

I wanted to explore an architecture related to this dialog, that occupies a site but also enters its existence and future.

Erosion is the all-encompassing term for the processes that constantly sculpt and ultimately wear down the landscape of the earth. It accompanies weathering, the break up of material at the earth`s surface through chemical, physical and biological processes.

Gravity plays a vital role in these processes. It is urging all of the erosional debris downhill. Most of the material is carried by running water, transported downstream often to the world`s oceans.



thermal bath, geological formation, pool, Washington D.C.