OODSF: an object-oriented data specification framework in a heterogeneous computing environment

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Virginia Tech


The Object-Oriented Data Specification Framework (OODSF) is a C++ framework to facilitate programming in a heterogeneous distributed environment. Using the OODSF, C++ language bindings of commonly used specification languages, such as Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ASN.l) and Interface Definition Language (IDL), can be defined. The OODSF defines C++ class libraries for ASN.l and IDL to simplify the C++ language bindings. Arbitrary application-level IDL and ASN.l specifications can be translated into C++ representations based on these class libraries. The OODSF contains facilities for encoding and decoding transferred data, allowing interoperability in a heterogeneous distributed system. A general interface is provided to encoding and decoding services so that a flexible choice of an encoding rule can be made. The current implementation of the OODSF contains external Encoding Rule (XDR) and Basic Encoding Rule (BER).



C++, language binding, encoding/decoding, CDR, object-oriented systems, distributed computing, interoperability, ASN.1, IDL, specification languages, XDR, BER