Great sires of the Guernsey breed

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Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College and Polytechnic Institute


The popular sires are not always the greatest sires, for in many cases popular sites are not capable of transmitting average high production to their daughters.

The true measure of a sire’s merit is the high average production of all his daughters, rather than the total number of Advanced Register daughters.

The two greatest foundation cows of the Guernsey breed were May Rose II and Itchen Daisy III.

The four great families of the Guernsey breed, in order of their importance, are as follows: May Rose, Masher, Governor of the Chene, and Sheet Anchor.

The three greatest sires of the breed, when judged by the high production of their daughters, are King of the May, Ne Plus Ultra, and Golden Secret of Lilyvale.

Select your herd sire from one of the best families, and one that is backed by average high production and individual merit.