Beyond 9 TO 5 : Redefining the Role of Office Buildings

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Virginia Tech


This thesis delves into the transformative potential of office buildings, which have traditionally functioned as private, employee-centric spaces. It confronts the challenge of reviving inactive urban areas by advocating for the reconfiguration of certain segments of these buildings into accessible public spaces. The research proposes an in-between typology, redefining office buildings into the community fabric while preserving essential privacy and security for business operations. By employing architectural strategies that enhance welcoming atmospheres, and helps bring in the street energy into the building. It advocates for the creation of vibrant, interactive zones where individuals can gather, socialize, and celebrate cultural and day-to-day events, facilitating access to the interesting parts of the building. This approach not only promises to elevate public engagement but also aid potential economic benefits for businesses by transforming underutilized spaces into active community hubs.



Office building, Community, Public plaza, Social Connection