Interactive video: an approach for teaching qualitative movement analysis of the overhand throw

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this investigation was to develop and test the effectiveness of an interactive video program for training in qualitative movement analysis. Students (n=24) from an intact elementary physical education methods class were trained to identify four qualitative standards associated with the mature performance of the overhand throw. Subjects were matched on the basis of pretest scores and assigned to receive either interactive video instruction, videotaped instruction, or no instruction. The results from an ANCOVA were significant indicating a difference between groups. Duncan's multiple range test results showed that the interactive video and videotaped instructional methods were superior to no training but there were no significant differences between groups receiving instruction. The findings from this investigation support the conclusion that the application of interactive video instruction to qualitative movement analysis is an effective strategy although it is not superior to video taped instruction. However, its application may be beneficial in mass instruction.