Position Sensorless Implementation for a Linear Switched Reluctance Machine


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Virginia Tech


The development of an add-on sensorless position estimator for a 4.8 m Linear Switched Reluctance Machine (LSRM) with minimal modifications to the transducer-based controller is investigated for the first time in this study. LSRMs require position feedback for closed-loop control but present a low cost, high energy efficiency alternative for linear actuation due to their rugged construction and single-sided excitation. Mechanical position transducers mounted on the vehicle are expensive and can impact reliability. The use of a sensorless position estimator removes all electronics from the passive vehicle, resulting in considerable reductions in cost, maintenance, and mechanical complexity.

This study examines the use of an add-on processor and data acquisition system for sensorless position estimation. An approach exploiting the active phase windings is used to preserve the normal operation of the transducer-based DSP controller with the goal of limiting reductions in high performance features such as force ripple reduction and velocity control [3]. The estimator system is retrofit to the transducer-based DSP controller by mimicking the output of a mechanical position sensor by emulating a Quadrature encoder. The feasibility and design issues for an add-on or retrofit position estimator are investigated. Although sensorless schemes for rotary Switched Reluctance Machines (SRMs) have been studied in detail, the problem of sensorless implementations for LSRMs has not been addressed. Experimental validation of the proposed sensorless estimation scheme is attempted, but closed-loop operation is not achieved successfully due to air gap fluctuations. In depth analysis of the sources and propagation of error is presented.



Sensorless, Sources and propagation of error, Sensorless positioning, Data acquisition, Position sensorless, Position estimator, LSRM, Linear Switched Reluctance Machine, SRM, Switched Reluctance Motor