Power system stability evaluation using the miniaturized A-C network analyzer

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute


One of the most important problems involved in power system operations is stability evaluations to determine whether or not a system will remain in synchronism during transient disturbances. The mathematical expressions from which stability is determined are relatively simple in themselves; however, the direct solution of the simultaneous equations involved cannot easily be accomplished by conventional methods. Present-day techniques, using network analyzers, cut the amount of work ad time considerably. For handling problems which are too complicated for conventional computation but too small to justify time on the large network analyzer are available, miniaturized network analyzers are available. One of such analyzers is the G.E. Mlniaturised A.C. Network Analyser, which is the object of this investigation.

The investigation shows that it is possible to calibrate the phase angle dials and use them in conjunction with stability evaluations. The results so obtained are fairly accurate ad where necessary, corrections can be employed.