Applications of superconducting magnetic energy storage systems in power systems

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Virginia Tech

A Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) system is a very efficient storage device capable of storing large amounts of energy. The primary applications it has been considered till now are load-leveling and system stabilization.This thesis explores new applications/benefits of SMES in power systems. Three areas have been identified.

• Using SMES in conjunction with PV systems.SMES because of their excellent dynamic response and PV being an intermittent source complement one another.A scheme for this hybrid system is developed and simulation done accordingly.

• Using SMES in an Asynchronous link between Power Systems. SMES when used in a series configuration between two or more systems combines the benefits of asynchronous connection, interconnection and energy storage. A model of such a scheme has been developed and the control of such a scheme is demonstrated using the EMTP. The economic benefits of this scheme over pure power interchange, SMES operation alone and a battery/dc link is shown.

Improvement of transmission through the use of SMES. SMES when used for diurnal load leveling provides additional benefits like reduced transmission losses, reduced peak loading and more effective utilization of transmission facility, the impact of size and location on these benefits were studied, and if used as an asynchronous link provides power flow control.