A hypermedia based system for digital information archiving and retrieval in A/E/C project management

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Virginia Tech

The management of the high volume and different types of information that characterize its projects, has traditionally posed a constant challenge to the architecture, engineering and construction industry. The distribution and communication of such information to project participants, who are often geographically dispersed, is an important necessity and forms a significant part of this challenge.

Hypermedia computing on the Internet has emerged as an important and efficient means for the distribution and communication of information. This thesis proposes hypermedia computing on the Internet as a solution to address the problem of information distribution in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. The problem of information management is examined, and relevant features of hypermedia and the Internet discussed. The viability of the technology to address the specific problem of information communication and distribution is demonstrated by building a hypermedia based information system as proof of concept. The thesis concludes with a discussion of future developments in this technology and the scope for further work in hypermedia based information distribution systems.