A comparative study of Mennonite and non-Mennonite high school girls in a selected community

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Virginia Tech

Both the Mennonite and the Non-Mennonite girls participated in the same household activities and performed them to a similar degree; although the attitude of the Mennonite girls toward the activities was more positive. Apparently, there was little or no relation between the way the girls performed household activities and the way they felt about them.

All of the girls occasionally earned money outside the home; while about one-third of the girls worked as much as one day a week.

The Mennonite girls took part in more recreational activities with the family, but the Non-Mennonite girls expressed more interest in family recreational activities. Both groups participated in social activities in and outside the home to a similar degree; although the actual activity engaged in varied somewhat. The extent of activity in the home and the amount of time spent away from home were similar for both the Mennonite and Non-Mennonite girls.