Singular-perturbation analysis of climb-cruise-dash optimization

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Virginia Tech

The method of singular-perturbation analysis is applied to the determination of range-fuel-time optimal aircraft trajectories.

The problem is shown to break down into three sub-problems which are studied separately. In particular, the inner layer containing the altitude path-angle dynamics is analyzed in detail. The outer solutions are discussed in an earlier work.

As a step forward in solving the ensuing nonlinear two-point boundary-value problem, linearization of the equations is suggested. Conditions for the stability of the linearized boundary-layer equations are discussed. Also, the question of parameter selection to fit the solution to the split boundary conditions is resolved. Generation of feedback laws for the angle-of-attack from the linear analysis is discussed.

Finally, the techniques discussed are applied to a numerical example of a missile. The linearized feedback solution is compared to the exact solution obtained using a multiple shooting method.