Sensor Fusion and State Estimation of IoT Enabled Wind Energy Conversion System

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The use of renewable energy has increased dramatically over the past couple of decades. Wind farms, consisting of wind turbines, play a vital role in the generation of renewable energy. For monitoring and maintenance purposes, a wind turbine has a variety of sensors to measure the state of the turbine. Sensor measurements are transmitted to a control center, which is located away from the wind farm, for monitoring and maintenance purposes. It is therefore desirable to ensure reliable wireless communication between the wind turbines and the control center while integrating the observations from different sensors. In this paper, we propose an IoT based communication framework for the purpose of reliable communication between wind turbines and control center. The communication framework is based on repeat-accumulate coded communication to enhance reliability. A fusion algorithm is proposed to exploit the observations from multiple sensors while taking into consideration the unpredictable nature of the wireless channel. The numerical results show that the proposed scheme can closely predict the state of a wind turbine. We also show that the proposed scheme significantly outperforms traditional estimation schemes.



Wind energy, Sensor fusion, State estimation, Internet of Things (IoT), Renewable energy


Noor-A-Rahim, M.; Khyam, M.O.; Li, X.; Pesch, D. Sensor Fusion and State Estimation of IoT Enabled Wind Energy Conversion System. Sensors 2019, 19, 1566.