A school of architecture addition & renovation: a design pertaining to our process of education

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The goal of this thesis project is to gain a greater understanding of how architects are being trained. The project is a renovation and addition to a building serving as a school of architecture. The design of the school reflects the architectural educational process.

"It is not enough to teach a man a specialty. Through it he may become a kind of useful machine but not a harmonious developed personality. It is essential that the student acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling of values. He must acquire a sense of the beautiful and the morally good. Otherwise he - with his specialized knowledge - more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person. He must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings in order to acquire a proper relationship to individual fellow man and the community."

Albert Einstein from the New York Times, 10/5/52.

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