The making of a small house

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Architecture is an expression of existence; it is the realization of a sense of place, a manifestation of a way-of-being in the world through built elements.

"I want to see things. I want to see, therefore I draw. I can see an image only if I draw it."

  • Carlo Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa expressed that he wanted to see, therefore he would draw, and draw incessantly. In that spirit, this thesis has been a search for what is authentic in my own work, based in a discovery through making.

The way of making indicates a way of seeing a world; the drawings and the way of drawing directly impact my thoughts. The drawings tend to be fragmentary, indicative of an architecture of parts.

The focus is on "the way to be" of the individual, and the way that individual is to the whole.

These relationships inform a sense of order and direct the parts towards a greater whole.

Those issues are explored in the making of a small house; it is one step toward a greater understanding.