Heat Transfer from Multiple Row Arrays of Low Aspect Ratio Pin Fins

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Virginia Tech

The heat transfer characteristics through arrays of pin fins were studied for the further development of internal cooling methods for turbine airfoils. Low aspect ratio pin fin arrays were tested through a range of Reynolds numbers between 5000 and 30,000 to determine the effects of pin spacing as well as aspect ratio on pin and endwall heat transfer. Experiments were also conducted to determine the independent effects of pin spacing and aspect ratio on arrays with different flow incidence angles. The pin Nusselt numbers showed almost no dependence on pin spacing or flow incidence angle. Using an infrared thermogaphy technique, spatially-resolved Nusselt numbers were measured along the endwalls of each array. The endwall results showed that streamwise spacing had a larger effect than spanwise spacing on array-averaged Nusselt numbers. Endwall heat transfer patterns showed that arrays with flow incidence angles experienced less wake interaction between pins than arrays with perpendicular flow, which caused a slight decrease in heat transfer in arrays with flow incidence angles. The effect of flow incidence angle on array-average Nusselt number was greater at tighter pin spacings. Even though the pin Nusselt number was independent of pin spacing, the ratio of pin-to-endwall Nusselt number was dependent on flow conditions as well as pin spacing. The pin aspect ratio had little effect on the array-average Nusselt number for arrays with perpendicular flow; however, the effect of flow incidence angle on array-average Nusselt number increased as aspect ratio decreased.

pin fins, internal cooling, Heat--Transmission augmentation, gas turbines, Heat--Transmission