Detailed Experimental Measurements of Heat Transfer Augmentation in Internal Channels Using a Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Technique

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Virginia Tech

Design of internal cooling channels for gas turbine blade is critical to system performance. To achieve maximum efficiency, i.e. maximum cooling with minimum coolant usage, intensive research is required to optimize heat transfer enhancement features. The present study aims at experimental and numerical investigation of two heat transfer augmentation techniques for internal cooling, viz. dimple and swirl induced jet impingement. Dimples are suitable candidates for high performance enhancement as they impose a low pressure drop penalty. The present study aims at experimentally measuring heat transfer on all the walls of diamond, triangular, square and cylindrical shaped dimples in a staggered configuration at three flow conditions in a high aspect ratio channel. A thermal-hydraulic performance factor was evaluated to characterize each dimple shape. Numerical simulations were conducted to visualize flow patterns which was correlated with heat transfer distribution. The results were in good agreement with previous studies. Triangular dimples showed the highest overall performance due to lowest pressure drop penalty, but heat transfer was low inside the dimples. In rotating channels, Coriolis Effect and centrifugal buoyancy significantly affect heat transfer distribution. There is a need to develop a cooling geometry that benefits from rotation and provides consistent cooling. A new geometry was derived from a past study, consisting of two channels divided by a wall with angled holes to provide jet impingement from inlet to outlet channel. Liquid crystal technique was used for heat transfer measurements. It was found that at high rotational speeds, heat transfer increased in the inlet channel, while it decreased in the outlet channel. Additional testing at even higher speeds may provide insight into replacing a traditional U-bend channel in a turbine blade.

Heat--Transmission, Gas Turbine Cooling, Internal Channel Cooling, Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Technique