A seismic reflection study over the Bane anticline in Giles County, Virginia

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Virginia Tech

A seismic reflection study over the Bane anticline in southwest Virginia (37° 16' 50" N, 80° 41' 30" W) was made in an attempt to gain information about the thickness of sedimentary rocks in this part of the Appalachian Valley and Ridge province. Eleven seismograms were obtained. In addition to frequency filtering, velocity filtering, and deconvolution, new methods of interpreting RMS velocity analyses were developed and applied. Persistent events at about 1.0 and 2.8 seconds were found, suggesting the presence of large reflection coefficients. On the basis of ultrasonic velocity measurements made on rock samples representative of the Cambrian sedimentary sequence and Precambrian basement rocks believed to underlie the Bane anticline, it was concluded that an unbroken Cambrian sequence overlying the basement could not produce reflection coefficients of the magnitude required, but that a thrust fault could. No definite conclusions about the structure beneath the Bane anticline could be reached, although the reflection at 2.8 seconds and the suggestion of a large reflection coefficient favor the interpretation of a thick, repeated sedimentary section.

deformations, faults