The Future of Graduate Leadership Education: An Exploration of Curriculum and Faculty Support to Meet the Needs of a Complex Society

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Association of Leadership Educators

Within this panel, graduate leadership educators and administrators explore the future of graduate and professional leadership education. Panelists bring perspectives on how programs can best meet the needs of a complex society, integrate counter-narratives into leadership curriculum, and consider how to support leadership faculty experiencing high levels of burnout. Emerging themes from focus groups of leadership educators conducted in the fall of 2021 will also be shared. As contributors to an upcoming issue of New Directions for Student Leadership focused on the future of graduate and professional leadership education, panelists have been exploring unique opportunities within the field and are eager for a robust discussion of how we can together create a positive future for the field. This conversation, grounded in relevant literature, will provide tangible opportunities for attendees to improve their own programs and practices within leadership education.