Origin: the beginning of form

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

It is very important for human kind that architecture should move by its beauty; if there are many equally valid technical solutions to a problem, the one which offers the users a message of beauty and emotion, that one is architecture. - Barragan -

A simple shelter can fulfill the needs of the body, and the placement of the elements of construction in their relative positions can provide for the needs of the mind, but only the profound interrelationship of the elements of construction and the elements of experience can touch the spirit and move us deep within. Le Corbusier stated that: the purpose of construction is to hold things together and of architecture to move us.

I hope that by applying these thoughts to my architecture, I may discover the point of intersection where the eternal and the finite meet, where the forming of finite elements awakens the spirit within man and causes him to dwell on the eternal. I hope to use the creation as a source of information to transform a material reality into a spiritual experience.