Turbulence Interaction in a Highly Sataggered Cascade-Propulsor Configuration

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Virginia Tech


Measurements of the turbulent flow field through a highly staggered cascade propulsor configuration in the Virginia Tech cascade wind tunnel have been taken. Predictions of the same flow using Rapid Distortion Theory (RDT) were performed. Measurements and predictions were compared. The comparison was oriented to check the aptness of RDT in describing this kind of flow.

Since this study represents the initial steps of a major project, the RDT model was kept simple. The non-penetration condition (blade blocking effect) was not modeled and the viscous effects were roughly accounted for.

This work reveals the capabilities of RDT in predicting the development of turbulence convected through a highly staggered cascade propulsor configuration formed by non-symmetrical airfoils.

This present study was possible thank to the support from the Office of Naval Research, in particular Candace Wark and Pat Purtell, under grant number NAG 00014-99-1-0230.



Rapid Distortion Theory, Turbulence, Cascade