Architecture and Human Senses - Pre-School in alexandria Old Town

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Virginia Tech

Throughout my years of architecture education I have become more and more aware that we are connected with architecture from the very first moments of our life. Architecture, an important part of our environment, affects our experiences, feelings, memories, and ultimately the decisions we make. To exploring the connection between architecture and the human experience was the intention for my thesis. Whether positive or negative, everything created or done by man has an affect on his environment. Some people are more aware of their architectural environment some are less but at the end we all life with it and have at least an unconscious impression of it. Based on these impressions and the consciously experienced details of our environment, of events we have feelings and make judgments and decisions. The nice dinner on a Friday night which makes you feel comfortable and good, it is a result of the whole environment of the place where you have dinner. Not only the room temperature, your company, your table neighbors, the restaurant staff, the expectations of the coming weekend but more important the dimensions of the space that make it feel grand or intimate, the way sound sticks to the walls or bounces off them giving life to the space, or the way a single beam of light can show you the beauty of colors and materials.

Education, perception, feeling, sound, Light, taste, parochial realm, material, space, human senses