Architecture as a creative will in the a-tectonic aesthetic order: (an architecture-theoretical inquiry according to Friedrich Nietzsche's concept of order)

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Virginia Tech

The thesis participates in the critical evaluation of the modernist concept of 'homogenizing of cultural differences', and in the narrower architectural context against the idea of the type, module, and system.

Although the thesis is as such a part of the post modernist demand for an emphasis of cultural heterogeneity which is characterized by a newly understood responsibility of creative acting and 'otherness', the inquiry suggests an opposed approach to the handling of such creative tension and propounds that the pantheistic and deterministic culture can be interrupted actively by an concept of order according to competitive individual expression.

Pertaining to architecture, the deep suspicion towards systematization and rationalization is expressed in the rejection of the 'type in architecture' which leads to a critique of an architecture which has its essence in structure. The thesis recognizes the materialist tectonic principle as a manifestation which tries to find its justification in the oneness of man with nature; moreover, such an architectural understanding tends to make the various individual forces evolve to a norm.

The thesis dismisses such a motivation and argues that man aims towards the expression of architectural symbols which spring immediately from the creator's character and manifest man's image of his values and his place in the universe.

The thesis further argues that the a-tectonic 'will to form' acts through the contest of individuals and that the creation of architecture is supported by the 'Dionysian' cognitive qualities of the architectural material space.