Influence of energy concentration of fattening rations on nitrogen utilization by steers

dc.contributor.authorStone, Paul Alfreden
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dc.description.abstractSix Angus steers were used in a series of three metabolism trials to study the effect of energy concentration on nitrogen metabolism and digestibility. The experimental design consisted of two randomly selected 3 x 3 Latin squares. Three fattening rations were ted which contained 1133, 1164 and 1222 kcal. digestible energy per lb. feed and 12.18, 12.51 and 12.29% crude protein, respectively. The rations were composed of 10% grass hay, shelled corn, corn cobs and cottonseed meal. An attempt was made to equalize calcium and phosphorus contents. Vitamins A and D were added at the rate or 30,000 I.U. and 3750 I.U. per steer per day, respectively. Energy concentration was varied by changing the proportions of shelled corn and corn cobs. Digestible and metabolizable energy and TDN were all significantly increased with each increase in energy concentration. Digestible energy concentration of feed had no significant effect on nitrogen retention. Biological value waa higher for the medium energy ration than for the low or high energy rations. The quadratic effect was significant (P < .05). The apparent digestibilities of crude protein and ether extract were not influenced by energy concentration. Digestibility of' dry matter, organic matter and NPE significantly increased and digestibility of crude fiber significantly decreased with each increase in energy concentration.en
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dc.titleInfluence of energy concentration of fattening rations on nitrogen utilization by steersen
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