The formative evaluation and revision of an instructional management system for business computer competencies

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this project was to (1) evaluate and revise a computer-based instructional management system developed to organize business computer competencies, and (2) develop and revise documentation for using the system.

The instructional management system consists of a database and various applications employing relational database architecture. The resulting system will be used by Virginia business teachers in implementing their curricula.

The prototype system was developed initially to organize a taxonomy of tasks identified to measure computer competencies. The computer competencies were extracted from the Business Education Suggested Course Competencies and Performance Objectives, published by the Virginia Department of Education in 1989. The taxonomy resulted in the publication of the Business Computer Software Curriculum Series in 1990. This latter publication forms the core of the instructional management system. The 1990 curriculum guide was ultiloately expanded to include multiple choice and matching test questions organized to measure the tasks.