The Corner Market - Connecting the Past and Future Neighborhood

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Virginia Tech

The Corner Market on Columbia Pike and South Walter Reed Drive in Arlington, Virginia was to stand at the intersection of yesterday and tomorrow. It would knit together a neighborhood segmented by real estate development and economics. It would fill the cerebral need to connect, interact, and relate through the corporeal needs of nourishment, medicine, and shelter.

The building of four functions, market, pharmacy, bakery, and housing, would complete the fourth corner of Walter Reed Drive and Columbia Pike. It would stand on a four-cornered site with four faces: the welcoming North, serene South, diligent East, and leisurely West. The joining of one side with another would be celebrated architecturally, creating moments of importance and delight.

The Corner Market would speak for its citizens in a timeless language free from the assumptions of newness within an old fabric. It would say that the neighborhood meets at the corner.

Market Building, Neighborhood, Corner