Suburban House (The Language of a House)

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Virginia Tech


Houses convey meaning and invoke architectural as well as social responses in people. While a traditional-appearing home may invoke social nostalgia, the impression one has is soon infected by the material deception that holds up a confused linguistical display. The typical house is not traditional, it just looks that way from a certain distance.

In designing a house in the midst of this mediocrity, what approach should be taken? Does one engage the language of "house" and attempt to "get it right"?

We can take a different course, and choose not to engage the language of traditional building that has been shoddily represented in the semantical dimension. Through an articulated syntactical interaction between the primary elements of a house, a unique place for living, which adds something to the community, can be created.



Semantic, Syntactic, Semiotics, Elements, Tower, House