An experimental study of creep and shrinkage of exposed limestone aggregate concrete

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

This thesis presents an experimental study of creep and shrinkage of concrete made from local limestone aggregate and type III cement. The cylindrical test specimens were exposed to the atmosphere in order to observe the effects that variations of temperature and relative humidity had upon creep and shrinkage. These effects are shown by graphical presentations in the thesis.

Creep strains for the five month period of investigation are shown graphically for each of four conditions of stress, 1000 psi constant stress 1000 psi variable stress 500 psi constant stress, and 500 psi variable stress. Exponential equations for these surveys were derived from the creep data of the five month study. Ultimate creep values were predicted from these equations and are presented together with their respective creep coefficients. These values are given to represent the anticipated creep for limestone aggregate concrete subjected to field conditions.