Wal Mart: New stratedy in urban scale for American downtowns

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Virginia Tech

Wal Mart, which contains nation's largest private employers (1.2 million workers), sellers of retail goods($280 billion), and owner of corporate real estate(911 million square feet), is now locally and globally getting more dominant. Its simple but straight forward strategy is enough to make customers' pockets open and buy goods. However, these strategies are also getting bumped into the risks for high quality oriented markets which have been targeted for upper income class. Furthermore, on the reason that maintains enormously occupied box storage concept outside the town, Wal Mart is blamed for making the town more boundless and uncharacteristic as well as killing many retail shops in downtown. Architecturally. reconsidering Wal Mart to be more distinctively balancing to proper urban issues and practical designs is now more imperative than ever. Therefore, this thesis work will be new grope of possibilities of that Wal Mart can be futurally constructive being more friendly approached to the town and communities in a revitalization view of rural towns.

Downtown, Wal-Mart, Considerate strategy, Urban scale