A compact multicolor display for vectorcardiograms

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


Most existing vectorcardiographic displays are either simple two axis displays, or are very complex systems often employing a computer to process the vector cardiographic signals.

A display is described which presents the vectorcardiographic information in either the conventional two axis formats, or in a quasi-three dimensional format. The ease of interpretation of the displayed information is considerably enhanced through the use of a multicolor display tube.

The display tube employs a screen composed of a mix of superlinear and sublinear phosphors of two different colors (green and red). Color changes of the displayed information, from green through yellow and shades of orange, can be realized by modulating the electron beam intensity.

Details of the circuitry and construction of the display are included with particular emphasis placed on the design and operation of the color processing and display circuitry. Possible refinements to the equipment are discussed.