A Library Viewpoint: Exploring Open Educational Practices

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Ubiquity Press


There are a wide range of faculty responses to open; everything from curiosity to resistance. Some of these reactions are due to professional tradition, guild thinking, and lack of awareness about open. Academic libraries offer a unique context for exploring open. They do not fall prey to disciplinary concerns and, as such, are hotbeds of collaboration and innovation. It is no wonder that libraries are a natural home for open educational philosophy. In this chapter, author Anita Walz offers her personal insights into the current state of open education. She candidly shares her thoughts on faculty adoption of OERs, the current cost of learning resources, and the promise of open pedagogy.



open educational resources, Open pedagogy, Open textbooks, Psychology, open access, open science


Walz, A. 2017. A Library Viewpoint: Exploring Open Educational Practices. In: Jhangiani, R S and Biswas-Diener, R. (eds.) Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science. Pp. 147–162. London: Ubiquity Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5334/bbc.l. License: CC-BY 4.0