A market and feasibility analysis for the American Brewery rehabilitation project in Baltimore, Maryland

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

An investigation was made of the market and economic conditions surrounding th American Brewery complex Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose was to analyze the socioeconomic forces which will have a direct impact on the feasibility of rehabilitating the historic buildings on the site. Research was directed toward three areas: 1) analysis of demographic data, 2) evaluation of potential design alternatives, and 3) validation of an industrial use proposal.

The market analysis defined the demographic characteristics of the area surrounding the Brewery site in terms of population, households, employment, and income. The pros and cons of the industrial, commercial, residential, and public-use development alternatives were outlined and each was ranked according to their compatibility with project objectives.

The final part of the market study was targeted toward industrial options for the project. The attributes of the Brewery complexes were matched with possible industry groups which could feasibly locate their activities at the site.

American Brewery (Baltimore, Md.)