Experimental simulation of the wake of an axisymmetric body near a free surface

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Turbulent flow measurements were performed in the wake of a slender axisymmetric body in the presence of a flat plate strut and an image plane representing the "rigid lid" approximation to a free surface. The tests were performed in a wind tunnel at a nominal Reynolds number of 6.0 x 10⁵. All turbulent flow parameters were measured at three streamwise stations. A Yawhead probe was used for the mean flow measurements, and a Constant Temperature Anemometer System with a 'x'-wire probe was used to obtain the turbulent flow characteristics. The presence of the image plane was found to increase the velocity defect and the static pressure as the image plane was approached. A redistribution among the various components of velocity fluctuations was noted near the "rigid lid" plane. The transverse component was enhanced at the expense of the normal component. The image plane also was found to influence the magnitudes and radial spread of turbulence intensities and Reynolds stresses. Some interactions between the wake of the axisymmetric body and that of the plate strut were observed. Overall, the mean velocities and the turbulence quantities indicated symmetry about the image plane throughout the wake.