RIS as Part of a Larger Environment of Systems

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Virginia Tech

In 2011, Virginia Tech Libraries launched a DSpace-based institutional repository service called VTechWorks. In 2012, the Libraries began to explore integration of the repository with the university’s Electronic Faculty Activity Reporting System (EFARS), a service managed by the Provost’s office, in an effort to reduce barriers to deposit and in response to faculty feedback on ways to encourage the adoption of open access publishing practices. Presenters will briefly review the current state of implementation of Virginia Tech’s EFARS, all levels of partnership involved in implementation, the evolving roles for the library, and the technical, policy, rights, workflow, outreach, and publishing issues involved in establishing VT Libraries’ repository and public researcher profile services as integral components of the university’s networked research infrastructure. This presentation was part of the NISO Virtual Conference, Research Information Systems: The Connections Enabling Collaboration. Description of this event and presentations included are located at: https://www.niso.org/events/2017/08/research-information-systems-connections-enabling-collaboration. Acknowledgement: The authors would also like to thank Anne Lawrence, Repository Application Administrator at VT Libraries who provided a summary of the Elements to DSpace implementation at VT.

Research Information Systems (RIS), Institutional Repositories, Researcher Profile Systems, Institutional Profile Systems