A bibliography concerned with the effect of floor slabs, with and without spandels, on the moment in columns due to vertical or lateral loads

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Virginia Tech

The Engineering Index was the primary reference for the articles listed in this bibliography. There are a few articles included which have been taken from various engineering experiment station bulletins. In order to determine the extent of coverage of the Engineering Index, several of the articles which appeared as experiment station bulletins were cross-checked and found listed in the Index. While it is possible that some significant articles may have been omitted from the Index, it is hoped that they were of less importance than any of those which have been listed.

The first volume of the Engineering Index appeared in 1884, therefore this bibliography will be limited to those articles listed in the issues of 1884 to May 1951 inclusive.

All of the articles published in the United States, Canada, and England, and which were found to be on the campus, were read in a cursory manner in order to determine their applicability to the problem. In each case where the article was read, written additions were made to the abstracts in order that they might be more helpful to anyone using the bibliography. The part of the abstract enclosed with quotation marks was taken from the Index, the rest of the information was added.

Photographic copies and English translations of all of the articles listed may be obtained from the publishers of the Engineering Index.

It is hoped that this compilation of works on the integral action of beams, columns and slabs will prove helpful to anyone interested in this subject.