Soil conservation in vocational agriculture

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute

The purpose of this study is to secure and organize materials on non-engineering phases or Soil Conservation, to be used by teachers and students in Vocational Agricultural Classes.

The first part of each unit is designed for use as reference study by students of Vocational Agriculture and the second part consists of a job analysis intended primarily for the use of the teacher. (The Job analysis form is that used by the U.S. Office of Education.)

Available information on Soil Conservation was secured by interviewing representatives of agencies engaged in this field of work, namely; Soil Conservation Service, Agricultural Adjustment Agency, the State Experiment Station and the Virginia Polytechnic Agronomy Department. All available literature and illustrative material were reviewing and made personal visits to farmers.

The most important phases of study in the field of non-engineering soil conservation were selected, made a job analysis of each phase, and arranged in a form suitable for use by teachers in Vocational Agriculture.

The most up-to-date practices in non-engineering soil conservation were selected and organized, and designed especially as a reference for use by boys in vocational agriculture classes.