Floating Urbanization

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Virginia Tech


Climate change is a daily challenge that we are faced with, it has become a part of our lives and is altering how we live. Architecture plays a vital role in life and it is crucial for architecture to be able to adapt to the climate conditions that may arise. A large percentage of the population living near coastal cities are faced with dangers of sea level rise, flooding, and coastal storms. Architects must design for the people within these cities or else their lives will be lost. Designers understand the catastrophic we are currently facing and are finding innovative ways to protect our cities. From rebuilding the coastal lines to making cities to imitate being a sponge. These solutions all play an important role in the future generations, each design can not work independently from each other and must work cohesively in order to have a resilient city. This thesis explores the possibility of having a dense neighborhood adjacent to a city. This neighborhood is purely independent from the main city utilities so that if a major event did occur then no systems will be interrupted. Adaptable architecture is able to change over time and with the growth of population. The design goal is to offer an optimal living option for people, the neighborhood is designed to be able to grow with a family and offer aging in place options while continuously growing over time. The structure is able to grow by using a modular pontoon system that can be attached to another module to create an interconnected city. These modules are Biocrete structures that contain the systems and utilities for a building to function giving full flexibility of what can be constructed on top. Since the city is forever growing the vertical core acts as a home for a mobile crane to be attached and assist with the development of residential units or the larger urban-scape. This crane can also be positioned on a small mobile barge that floats around the city to serve any location at a given time.



Floating Urbanization, resilient architecture, climate change, floating architecture