A numerical study of the effects of leading edge vortex flaps on the performance of a 75° delta wing

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Using a general, unsteady, nonlinear vortex lattice method, the aerodynamic loads have been found on a 75° delta wing with and without leading edge vortex flaps. The flap had an area approximately 26 percent of the wing area with a constant chord of 6.7 percent of the wing mean aerodynamic chord and was deflected at 30°.

Results for lift, drag, axial force, and pitching moment coefficients are compared with experimental data and show very good agreement. Individual pressure difference coefficients along the wing and flap are also presented and compared with experimental data.

Overall, the method shows the leading edge vortex flap to be very effective in reducing drag while maintaining lift comparable to that of the plain wing.