Global-local finite element analysis of laminated composites

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Virginia Tech

A Global-Local finite element approach was used to investigate the interlaminar stresses in laminated composite plates with a central circular hole. Detailed solutions were sought for the interlaminar normal stress distributions close to the free straight edge of the plate as well as around the edge of the hole. The Global model was analyzed as a two-dimensional problem. The displacements obtained a distance away from the regions of interest in the two-dimensional model were used as imposed boundary conditions to the three-dimensional models of the edges.

The results obtained were found to be accurate, thus demonstrating the validity and strength of the Global-Local technique. The results further concluded that for symmetric cross-ply laminated plates with large central circular holes, the interlaminar normal stresses at the free edges are affected to a small degree by the size of the hole.

The CSM Testbed and ANISAP were the two finite element analysis programs used throughout this investigation. The CSM Testbed element library was augmented with 16, 20, 24 and 32 node displacement formulation based elements which were implemented as Experimental elements.