Liberative Space

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Virginia Tech


This thesis is an investigation of a liberative space and an attempt to design one.

The term Liberative Space is defined by Plummer. as the kind of endowment [that] provides the frameworks in which others can fly. In such a space people are inspired to take personal action and choose their own experience. For example, there is more than one path leading from one to the other end of a building. One path is flooded with light, the other opens the special view, the third is shortcut where you are sure not to meet anybody.... Contrary to this would be a highly controlled hierarchical space.

Liberative space should not be mistaken for a chaotic one because its freedom is rooted in the power to make spontaneous choices about mutuality. Liberative space can include a hierarchical one as the possible choice.

The maker of a liberative space is going to be more of a composer than a musician, a playwright than an actor, a choreographer than a dancer. This means that the creativity of an architect is not going towards the highly controlled and finished spaces, but spaces that offer opportunities to discover, change, redefine.

These ideas are explored in a design of a high school.



Space, Aperspective Space, Liberative Space, School