The diffusion of no-till corn information and adoption in selected counties in Virginia

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The information sources used prior to the adoption of no-till corn production, the time pattern of the adoption, and the changes caused by the adoption of the no-till corn method were investigated. A mail questionnaire was utilized for data collection.

Farm journals were found to be the major source of initial knowledge about no-till corn production, and the county agent was the major source utilized for additional information on the subject. Those who adopted during different time periods had different lag times between awareness and adoption. Earlier adopters had shorter lag times.

The majority of respondents experienced reduced labor requirements after converting to no-till corn production. The most common problem associated with no-tillage production was weed control.

The majority of respondents had contacted the county agent for information in the five year period prior to the study. Most farmers contacted the county agent at least once a year. Use of the state soil testing laboratory was high, as was use of branch experiment stations as information sources.