Nonlinear analysis for the response and failure of compression- loaded angle-ply laminates with a hole

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Virginia Tech

The objective of this study was to determine the effect of nonlinear material behavior on the response and failure of unnotched and notched angle-ply laminates under uniaxial compressive loading. The endochronic theory was chosen as the constitutive theory to model the AS4/3502 graphite-epoxy material system.

Three-dimensional finite element analysis incorporating the endochronic theory was used to determine the stresses and strains in the laminates. An incremental/iterative initial strain algorithm was used in the finite element program. To increase computational efficiency, a 180° rotational symmetry relationship was utilized and the finite element program was vectorized to run on a super computer. Laminate response was compared to experiment revealing excellent agreement for both the unnotched and notched angle-ply laminates. Predicted stresses in the region of the hole were examined and are presented, comparing linear elastic analysis to the inelastic endochronic theory analysis.

A failure analysis of the unnotched and notched laminates was performed using the quadratic tensor polynomial. Predicted fracture loads compared well with experiment for the unnotched laminates, but were very conservative in comparison with experiments for the notched laminates.