Synchronized Measurement of Machine Rotor Angle and Its Application

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Virginia Tech

The internal voltage angle of a generator is an important parameter that indicates the stability, both transient and steady-state, of the generator. This paper proposes a method of measuring and synchronizing the internal angle using a microprocessor and an optical encoder installed on the shaft of a generator. With a synchronized angle measurement, accurate stability studies and wide-area controls can be implemented. The experimental setup for measuring the rotor angle of a generator is explained in this work.

A wide-area power system stabilizer implementing the synchronized angle measurement is then investigated using a four machine, two-area system. A synchronized remote feedback rotor angle signal is included in a traditional stabilizer design. It is shown that this remote signal helps increase the stability of the system while also having the benefit of being able to be predicted accurately. This capability makes bad data detection and communication delay compensation possible.

Rotor Angle, Synchronization, Power System Stabilizer